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  1. 2017.12.07 U5PVR with Enigma2

U5PVR with Enigma2

Android Mini PC 2017.12.07 19:23 Posted by 뮤리찌

Hello.From today, U5PVR can supports Enigma2.

Please follow the procedure below to use dual boot on U5PVR Deluxe mode.

Please download the file from the link below.
This is file to upgrade U5PVR Deluxe model.
  1.      Full version : : will clean current DB.
  2.      Normal version : : will keep current DB.
To use Enigma2, Please upgrade the same file twice times with file.
After upgrading 2 times of file, Let's prepare SD card.

Download the Enigma2 Micro SD card image ( from the link below.

Please extract download file then you will find below files. 

To burn the SD card image, 
Download Win32 Disk Imager program.

When you run the downloaded program, it will appear as below.

Select img file to burn your SD card.

Select your SD card driver.

Wait until finish writing of SC card.

After burning SD card, please put SD card to U5PVR 's Micro SD slot.

Confirm the advance check.

To use OpenATV image, you have to do two things as shown below.

1. Mac Address must be same as the Mac address below printed label on the box to enable Enigma2.
(Enigma2 will not work if the Mac address is not the same as the Mac address printed below the product.)

2. After booting Android only Mode, LIVE TV App,
Menu ==> System ==> Misc ==> Preference ==> Use E2 ==> Enable.
Reboot the box after setting.

If you select dual boot mode with E2, you can know whether it works in E2 mode by LED as below.
After "boot" message appears on the LED window, LED message "NENU" is displayed. From now on, the box will operate in Dual Boot mode.

Booting E2.

NENU (MENU) appears as below picture after "boot" message appears on LED window.
At this time, if you press the RED key on the remote control, box will start with Android OS.
When you press the BLUE key, it will boot into Enigma2 OS.
Booting Select Menu
Android Booting Mode
E2 Booting Mode

So Now, you can use Dual boot system for Android TV OS / Enigma2 OS.

To boot directly from Android to E2, select Startup E2 via Power Icon to run as OpenATV.