Europe Car Radio presents the car radio model Europe with DAB, DAB+ and DMB (including L-band), FM with RDS and AM.

Technical specifications:

  • One-Din size fold down detachable front panel
  • USB/SD card reader
  • Super anti-shock system
  • Electronic volume control (treble, bass, balance, fader)
  • Mute/Clock control
  • Dot matrix LCD display
  • Auto search function
  • Preset stations: 3x6 AM, 3x6 FM, 3x6 DAB
  • 2 antenna inputs (AM/FM and DAB with L-band)
  • RMS power output: 4x25W
  • Max power output: 4x30W
  • Peak Power output: 4x45W
  • RCA out

Download a PDF manual here.

Active roof antenna improves the signal to optimal reception and is provided with two cables:

  • 1. 150 kHz-26 MHz (band II/FM)
  • 2. 174-238 MHz (band III), 1452-1492 MHz (L-Band) for DAB/DAB+/DMB and satellite.

New digital radio for BMW cars. More info here soon.

Dealers all over Europe needed at once, please contact us at Buy directly from our factory in China.

Sökes: distributör för hela Norden av vår bilradio med DAB+, försäljning till återförsäljare.

Whole sale agency in each country in Europe needed.

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