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We are reviewing various functions of U5PVR.

Additional information 170913)
Enigma2 will be supported by SD Card Secure Boot in U5PVR Deluxe.

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A) U5PVR Deluxe type (RAM2G / ROM16G)
UHD Android TV OS with Twin HD tuner(ATSC2 / DVB-T2, S2) set-top box (include of Linux OS)

B) U5PVR slim type (RAM2G / ROM16G)
UHD Android TV OS with Twin HD tuner(ATSC) set-top box (include of Linux OS)

    Netflix Android TV

There are two types of Android OS: mobile OS and Android TV OS.

The Android APP version is now released separately for these two OSes.

For reference, Netflix mobile OS version (with Widevine L1) is known to support up to 720P and is known to support HD (1080P) or higher resolution only on Netflix for Android TV.

High resolution (HD, 4K) support in Netflix Mobile OS version seems to be Netflix device certification.

The Netflix mobile version of the icon has a red N on the black background.

The Netflix for Android TV icon is a red font on a white background, just like the capture below.

Mouse cursor selection does not work in Netflix for Android TV UI.
Therefore, it can be used only with the remote control.

If you look at the Netflix for Android TV UI below, the structure is quite different from the mobile version.

Sense 8 of Netflix. You will see the HD 5.1 logo on the capture screen below.

Subtitles and Audio settings are supported in the settings.

The Resume feature supports Earlier View.

Let's play Netflix "Sense 8" movies in the Netflix for Android TV app.

4K UHD / HDCP 2.2 Support U5PVR connected to HDMI port.

The Ultra HD 4K / 5.1 logo is shown below.

On Netflix for Android TV APP only, you can view video playback status information as follows:

Press [i] on the IR remote control to view Netflix playback status information as shown below.

Currently Video: 0.53Mbps / 480 playback.

Since Netflix resolution is variable, resolution conversion is possible up to spec that can be supported continuously.

Video: 2.24Mbps / 720 playback status.

Video: 5.53Mbps / 1080 playback status.

Video: 9.54Mbps / 2160 Playback status. (It took about three minutes.)

The image playback will be normal, but the screen capture will not be done.

Netflix Setttings.

You can see various information when you see Device.

The ESN is displayed as Widevine L1, if any.

Let's measure network speed.

Wired connection to U5PVR.

It is currently 6.35Mbps. This is because the Netflix CND server is overseas.

    TVHeadend Live Channel APP

U5PVR's built-in broadcast tuner and TVHeadend Server #1 ((U5PVR Built-in Linux) are linked.

You can use it to launch the TVHeadend Live Channel APP (the default app), which allows you to watch broadcasts on the Android TV Live Channel app. The current version of TVHeadend Live Channel APP is 0.3.17.

TVHeadend Live Channel APP will support PVR from Android TV 7 OS.

Android TV Live Channel Program guide

Android TV Live Channel EPG

LIVE Channel: Supports PIP (Picture In Picture) function.

On CNX software.

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    Additional information 170913)
    Enigma2 will be supported by SD Card Secure Boot in U5PVR Deluxe.

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