[EN] [U5team] U5PVR ATV7 Widevine DRM L1 Free Upgrade Decision


Hello ? It's EddyLab.

We are preparing to proceed with the official major upgrade (ATV5 to ATV7) of the U5PVR Android TV OS version. In addition to the ATV7 OS upgrade, we have not been able to confirm the progress of the additional function Widevine DRM Level 1, but today U5team made the final decision.

Basically, U5team invests heavily in development of Android ATV7 major upgrade SW. So, in addition to upgrading the Android TV OS, I prepared and agreed to proceed with DRM upgrade for DRM-related development and various other development costs incurred while developing various application applications.

In the meantime, many U5PVR users have gone through the ATV5 and ATV7 beta process, helping to stabilize the product by finding lots of advice and bugs.

So U5team made a final decision to support the free upgrade of the ATV7 Widevine DRM L1 for the purpose of rewarding it and more U5PVR products to be announced in the future.

However, free upgrades are defined as free upgrades only through online.

Separately, if you send U5PVR's product and request an upgrade, it will be a 100% fee upgrade.

U5team will inform you about the method of free upgrade with announcement of new FW.

Once again thank U5team for the response to U5PVR users,

I would first like to thank the U5PVR users. 

U5PVR users will not only talk about the U5PVR product among the U5PVR Supporter Team,
I think you can give a lot of help to U5team as well. ^^

I hope you will have lots of good experiences in the future thanksgiving day.

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